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Terms and Conditions

To enable buying facility we request you to take out some time to understand few key points on the terms, under which sale is affected. Some of the terms are in the nature of systems, as per the nature defined therein and form part of terms of sale.
• Basic Terms:
• Once a diamond is confirmed by a customer for purchase, the same is not cancelable.
• Goods will be invoiced only in the name in which goods are Confirmed.
• Goods will be shipped upon receipt of payment by our bank.
• Goods once sold are not subject to return or exchange.
• Grading disclaimer:
, sells every diamond with the GIA,IGI and HRD Grading Report and there is no guarantee that the grading results of the diamond sold would necessarily match with those of any of the laboratory.
The PGS information provided does not factor in, the polish and symmetry grades. Please review the polish and symmetry grade to be sure that the diamond fits your precise requirements.
I have read and accept Terms and Conditions.
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