Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that the following Terms & Conditions have been read and understood, prior to using our website.
It is important to review the below mentioned Terms & Condition prior to purchasing or selecting stones on finestardiamonds.com.

Terms of Service

Welcome to the e-commerce site of FineStar Diamonds. You can search, select and purchase the diamond/diamonds you want, all within this site. To permit access to this site, it is necessary for you to agree with aforementioned Terms & Conditions.
Once access is granted after you agree to the terms and conditions (T&C), the T&C govern your relationship with FineStar Diamonds, to the exclusion of any other agreement/document you may have signed with the company previously and currently at the time of your accessing and using the website. Not only your purchase’s at the site, but your future visits and use of our company's services or the services of other affiliated companies will also fall under, and be governed by the same T&C; unless they are found contrary the guidelines and conditions already followed by them, in which case those conditions only will prevail. As far as the access to the website and purchases made on it are concerned, T&C will have precedence over any other document.
Your order for purchase of goods chosen by you subsequent to browsing the site amounts to an offer for purchase subject to standard site restrictions, merchant specific restrictions and T&C. 
FineStar Diamonds reserves the right to amend/modify/remove any of the clauses in T&C at its own discretion without any prior notice to you. It is therefore recommended that you go through the T&C from time to time to keep yourself updated with any changes. It is understood that by agreeing to T&C, you have agreed to the modification in T&C that may take place from time to time.

Terms and Conditions (T&C)

  • FineStar Diamonds is the solitary proprietor of the website finestardiamonds.com. The entire content of the website together with text, site design, logos and data provided in the software, graphics and audios, Videos, icons, images etc. are entirely owned by the company. 
  • By registering on the website finestardiamonds.com you are granted permission to browse, download and print the content for your private reference only. However, you do not hold the right to change/modify/alter any content you have downloaded. Registration does not grant any other right on you. 
  • If you want to use any content of this website for commercial purposes, a prior written permission needs to be obtained from the company. This document will specify the scope and extent up to which the downloaded content may be used.
  • The purchased stones will be shipped to be delivered at your doorstep via courier services such as Brinks, MalcaAmit, BVC Express, PS, or Fed EX on C&F basis 
  • First Come First Serve basis is used for online purchasing.
  • You are committed and bound to complete the sale once stones have been purchased.
  • The company will verify details once it receives an order from the client, and if all conditions are met, only then will the order be processed.
  • Courier agents will cover door to door insurance.
  • The company reserves the right to refuse shipments to certain international destinations.
  • Shipping and Handling Charges;
    • For Invoices below US$15000 = US$125
    • For Invoices above US$15000 = Free
  • Shipping charges borne by us for invoices above US$15000 cover shipment from our Mumbai office to our affiliate office in (Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, Antwerp & Japan) & for remaining location to their nearest International Airport. Shipment cost from the nearest International Airport to the buyer's residence will be borne by the buyer.
  • For shipments to destinations in India, additional charges will apply in lieu of local taxes, if any.
  • Cancellation of orders
    • Our company representative will reconfirm the order details once an order is placed by you.
    • The order is deemed to have been completed the moment the stones are shipped. Cancellation of the order thereafter is not possible.
    • Exchanges and returns are not permitted.
    • The order expires on the 5th working day of confirmation of order, if the advance has not been received.
  • FineStar Diamonds reserves right to modify/change/alter/delete/add to any of the conditions listed above without prior notice.
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