Business Model

Finestar has been synonymous with the finest quality of diamonds symbolizing brilliance, beauty and craftsmanship. Finestar has been committed to producing beautiful diamonds that pay homage to its name sake.

Over decade, Finestar continues to be a legacy in the diamond industry offering the world’s finest diamonds along with innovative services. Our commitment to quality, cutting edge technology and impeccable workmanship continue to result in world class distinction.

We at Finestar ensure that our diamonds are manufactured with transparency through ethical business practices that create trust in our product.

Our passionate commitment to ethical standards, environment, and customer satisfaction truly must be experienced to be believed, we sincerely welcome you to join our family.

At Finestar ethics, transparency, consistency and commitment to the highest level of buyer satisfaction is what sets us apart and drives everything we do. We have an unrivalled reputation for integrity, technical innovation and expertise that we are proud to have achieved over the years.

Our goal is to manufacture and market high quality diamond and jewellery products that excite and attract consumers. We believe the best way of creating value is through a fully integrated business model, benefiting from efficiency gains and better product control.
Diamond and Jewellery Manufacturing
We create products that consumers value for their inspirational design and uncompromising quality. We are committed to improving processes, continuously investing in the best technology and developing an expert workforce. This means we can manufacture the highest quality polished diamond and jewellery products whilst creating costs advantages.

We employ talented and seasoned product design teams in each of our main consumer markets. These teams use their deep understanding of local consumer needs and analysis developing trends to create fresh, creative designs.
We distribute our loose polished diamonds and diamond jewellery products to all the major global consumer markets. Having a global balance of sales reduces our exposure to any one market, and gives us flexibility to capture opportunities as demand changes.
  • To conduct business strictly by ethical and value-based means
  • To remain relevant in an industry undergoing a transformation
  • And pioneer a model of excellence and efficiency in the business of rough (DIAMONDS?-gusssed
  • We are a company growing strength by strength with continuous innovation and commitment to deliver goods of competent value with personalized care and attention.
  • Create a niche positioning in the minds of consumers and the confidence to reckon with our company as one of the leading solitaire diamond provider.
  • Our goal is to make our high-end products and services accessible to diamond lovers across the globe.
  • With our manufacturing units in Surat , we are renowned as one of the high tech companies with latest machineries and equipments and aim to provide our clients with customized services.
  • Moving closer to the end consumers thus moving downstream.
  • Sustaining an environment which optimizes employee's contribution to the achievement of company goals and objectives.

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